About Connie

We all have a journey to take.  My journey includes 5 kids.  That’s 4 girls (and lots of girl drama) and a teenage son.  My journey also includes the blessings and heartache of Autism and Aspergers and a preacher husband with a church full of sojourners. I walk this path of chaos, laughter and tears.  This path of  joy, healing and wholeness.  I’m marked by battle scars and by miracles.  I long for the simple. To see what matters most.  I have a destination in sight, but the journey is where life happens.  Where Grace happens.   And I want my journey to be the fullest possible.  Come walk with me as I walk with God and His grace leads the way.

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  1. i a with you all the way sweetheart, uphiil ,down hill or on the straight and narrow and what ever i can do to help you i will be there for you. love you so much your friend in Christ

    1. Connie Post says:

      Thanks Sheba! Love you.

  2. shayne anderson says:

    Today was my first day on your blog/site. This is great. I feel in love with the job chore site and I ordered the Busy Mom Calendar/organizer. I am so excited to find this.

  3. carrie riser says:

    My husband and I have been attending Lucas Avenue. We have read every post. We are inspired by your awesome outlook on life and your unshakable faith ! I also emailed you at the hotmail address.
    Carrie Riser

    1. Connie Post says:

      Thanks Carrie! I’ll check my email now!

    2. Connie Post says:

      Your email didn’t come through. Any chance you can resend to conniepost05@hotmail.com? Thanks!

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