Weeds or Wildflowers?

My girls recently came home from an outdoor adventure with a bunch of wildflowers.  They were so excited about all the colors and styles and set to work arranging a beautiful bouquet.  I told them that most people consider wildflowers to be weeds.  They were not happy about this and took offense that anyone would think something so silly.wildflower  After all, it took them a lot of time and energy to collect them all and arrange them. And now they were giving them to me as a gift.  I assured them that wildflowers are my favorite.  I’ve always been partial to wildflowers.  They remind me of a beautiful tapestry and show the creativity of God.  I enjoy nothing more than seeing a field full of the wild beauty.  It takes my breath away to see Gods handiwork.

But in some people’s eyes wildflowers really are weeds.  According to Wikipedia a weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place”. Some work hard to remove wildflowers from their surroundings in an effort to tame and find perfection.

April is Autism Awareness month and I’ve been reflecting on our journey with Autism.  As this month draws to a close I can’t help but consider that at one time, in the early steps of this path, I was so distraught and hurt at God because I thought He had somehow done something wrong and given me something I didn’t deserve.  Unfortunately, I felt that the plant of Autism that He had planted in Cadence was a weed…undesirable in my situation….in the wrong place.  I couldn’t see the real truth.

The truth is that this plant of Autism is exactly in the right place at exactly the right time and it isn’t a weed at all.  It has revealed to us a whole field of wildflowers bringing beauty, color and life to a world that needed it.  She is full of energy and wonder and beautiful to behold.  She is amazing and ever changing and a marvel to see.  She is the tapestry that God is painting and it takes my breath away to see God’s handiwork.

I am so privileged to walk this untamed, imperfect path, gathering these flowers along the way and seeing God arrange them into a beautiful bouquet.  People often say that God knew Cadence needed me as her mom.  No.  God knew I needed her.  And I’m beyond grateful for His immeasurable gift.  He gave me my very own wildflower planted in the center of my life.


Photo via VisualHunt.com