Watching the Impossible

Two years ago my 6 year old made a request.  She wanted to go to Sea World.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t see that happening.  The Post clan has been blessed with God’s provision of all that we need and some of our wants, but a trip to Sea World is a pricey endeavor for a family of 7 living on one income.  Again, I just didn’t see it happening.  I told our baby girl that we couldn’t go to Sea World, but nothing is impossible with God for those who believe.

Well, apparently she really believes.  For 2 years….yes, for 2 solid years she has been praying about Sea World.  When it’s her turn to say the blessing at supper she always thanks God for when He will let us go to Sea World.

Fast forward to a couple months ago.  I get a call from a college friend that I had reconnected with after 20 year.  She and her family were taking a trip to Orlando the week of Christmas and wanted to know if my family would join them at the house they were renting.  And with the offer of lodging came the offer of passes to Sea World.

With great joy I told Haven that God had answered her prayers and that He had indeed heard her for the past 2 years.  She was over the moon and we were thrilled, but as is often the case when victory is in sight, Satan wants to throw a monkey wrench into the works and rob us of our faith, joy and confidence.

We were scheduled to leave last Saturday for Orlando, but on Monday of that week I was broke!  We have had one financial thing after another pop up all this fall and no matter what my intentions, I simply couldn’t get enough money saved for gas and food and travel expenses to Florida.

But I’ve learned some lessons from my little girl.  Ironically, these lessons are taught in God’s word, but sometimes seeing it lived out makes such an impact.  The scriptures tell us to pray persistently and they tell us to have childlike faith.  So I thought back to the prayers my girl prayed.  She never doubted that God would grant her request.  In fact, she didn’t really ask or beg, but simply thanked Him for when He would make it come to pass.  She never grew tired of praying the same prayer.  She didn’t quit.  It never crossed her mind that it wouldn’t happen.  She believed the impossible.  Why couldn’t I?  So I did.  And asked God to provide all we needed for this trip.

Little by little, things happened that brought some cash our way.  It would take me hours to recount all the stories.  A little here.  A little there.  A phone call.  A Christmas card.  Someone stopping by because our family was on their mind. An unexpected check in the mail.  First we trusted God for enough money for gas there and back.  It came.  And then we trusted Him for enough money for food there and back.  It came.  Then we asked Him to let us take a break and spend the night on the way down (traveling with 5 kids in a cramped mini-van is not for the faint of heart).  We thought it would be nice to take our time and stop and walk around and see some things along the way there and back.  I booked the hotel online at a dirt cheap price after the money came.  And before our departure we had enough money to spend the night on the way back too!  And even a little spending money to go with it.  God had indeed worked.

And then the big attack came……

Our passes to Sea World fell through.

So what does a mom do now?  We had everything we needed, including a place to stay on our arrival, but Haven’s hope of Sea World was gone.

I have been doing a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer on the Armor of God lately (and I highly recommend it!)  We had just talked about learning to recognize attacks from our enemy, Satan.  I’m so thankful that those truths were on my radar, because I saw it right away.  Here’s what I saw:  I saw an 8 year old girl who believed God with all her heart.  I saw my baby girl grow in faith.  I saw her pray as God instructed and see results and I realized that Satan himself wanted to trip her up.  If he could crush her faith at 8 years old, perhaps he could do far worse to her as she grows older.  Nope.  Not happening.   I put my armor on and petitioned the Lord Himself to go to battle for my little girl and protect her faith.

As I live and breathe…..I’m not making this up……..upon hearing the news about the passes, I prayed, I looked up the price of admission for 7 people to go to Sea World and within 15 minutes got a phone call from someone (who had no knowledge of the passes falling through) telling me they wanted to give us some money for Christmas.  The amount they were giving was the EXACT amount of 7 passes to Sea World.  EXACT!  I’m not kidding.  I’M NOT. KIDDING!  We had a front row seat to watch the God of the impossible make everything possible.

Moral of the story:

1 – Learn some lessons from Haven.  Pray persistently.  Don’t ever give up.

2 – Pray with childlike faith.  Believe!  Believe!  Believe! And if you can’t seem to believe, then ask God to help you.  Tell Him the truth and let Him meet you where you are.

3 – Pay attention to the “struggles” and recognize them for what they are.  Much of the difficulty we face is Satan trying to distract us from the victory that is on the horizon.  He wants us to stop short of the finish line.  Don’t let him rob you of the opportunity to see God at work on your behalf.

4 – When God shows up…give Him the credit.

Thank you God for doing the impossible.  Thank you for meeting our needs and supplying some of our wants and dreams.  Thank you for listening to a little girl who loves you and believes you. Thank you for using her to teach us the truth about prayer, about your power and about your great love for us.  You are the God of the Impossible and we glorify Your name and yours alone for your mighty works.