I Can See Clearly Now

Given the terrible weather SC has experienced in recent weeks, the name of this post might lead you to think it’s about our rain finally being gone.  But this post is actually about glasses for a seven-year old.  However, I do want to publicly say thank you to all the folks who pulled together for SC, especially for those in the lower part of the state that have lost so much and are trying to put their lives back together.  If anyone needs our prayers, they do. What an incredible bunch of people the residents of South Carolina are.  I’m proud to live in this state.

I have suspected a vision problem in my #4 kid for a while and took her to the eye doctor recently.  She will be 8 in a few weeks and I started wearing glasses when I was about her age.  I was really hoping my kids would get their Daddy’s genes on this whole vision thing.  The oldest 3 seem to be doing ok so far, but alas, I’m afraid Haven gotten my genes.  The doctor confirmed my suspicions and we walked out with a prescription for glasses.  I had my eyes checked too and we were both quite the spectacle trying to pick out spectacles while all 4 peepers were dilated.  Since we really couldn’t see what we were picking, we hoped for the best and were pleasantly surprised when they came back, at how cute they were.

After the appointment, Haven confided in me, “Mom, I’m so happy about getting glasses.  I prayed that I would get glasses.”  She’s a little prayer warrior and when she starts praying for something I just mark it as done.  I resisted the urge to ask her if she prayed for the money to pay for the glasses and rejoiced with her in her answered prayer….even though her prayers trumped mine on this day.

She’s almost a week in to wearing glasses.  She hasn’t lost them yet (AMAZING!) She did scratch a lens running into a tree while apple picking this weekend and the warranty has come in handy already!  But most importantly, she’s still excited about them and loves them.  When asked why, she says, “because things aren’t blurry now.”

Being able to see clearly is a gift.  I would give every dollar I have for her to see clearly.  In order for Haven to see clearly she had to go through some tests (I was right there with her), have her eyes dilated (I kept telling her it would be ok) and then we had to pay for glasses.  When our eye sight is not what it should be we have to go through some corrections……usually some discomfort and it’s also costly to the pocket-book.

Life is very similar.  Being able to see life clearly is a gift.  And when we aren’t seeing things as they should be, we often have to go through some corrections, sometimes some discomfort and rarely is it without cost.

Think of the hardest things you’ve gone through in life.  How have they helped you see more clearly?  For me, Autism in our family is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done…and continue to do.  It tried to eat me alive for a while, but it gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life.  Clarity.  Clarity of purpose.  Clarity regarding what’s really important.  Clarity of God’s sufficient grace.  Clarity about who I am.  I have seen the hand of God.  I can see clearly now some things I couldn’t see before.  It has cost me.  But is has been worth the price.

Just like I was with Haven through the tests God is right there with you in yours.  Just like I was with Haven through the discomfort, God holds our hand, holds us, and tells us it will be ok.  And when the testing is over and the corrections are made to the way we see things, the clarity will be startling.  I know testing can be hard friends.  I know.  But don’t quit yet.  Soon you’ll be able to see clearer than you have before.  As you depend on God’s grace, you will see the hand of God and it will be worth the price.

Blessings today!