To All the Single Parents

My husband was recently on a trip out of the country for 2 weeks.  In the meanwhile, I was home with 5 kids trying to keep the wheels on this bus moving.  With or without him there was still school to get to, homework to be done, Girl Scouts and soccer practice.  There was still work and church and social engagements.  There were some runny noses to take care of and school Spanish projects.  And during the 2nd week he was gone I had to make the decision to put our dog down, and so there was heartbreak and tears.  There was a doggie funeral and a new puppy and with 4 girls in the house there was also the regular share of drama….then some.  And I did it all without my husband.  And I didn’t like it.

So this is a “atta boy”  or “atta girl” to all the single parents out there who are working hard to raise good kids with a good life.  You play every role.  You do this sweet chaos every day…not just for 2 weeks, but for weeks, months and sometimes years.  I don’t know why your circumstances are what they are, but this I do know:

  • You are amazing
  • You are strong, even when you don’t feel strong
  • You are impacting your kids
  • You inspire us
  • You are the bravest of the brave
  • God sees…You are not alone
  • God knows…You can count on Him for wisdom
  • God is enough…He can meet every need you have
  • You are loved by the Father

And to all of you parents who aren’t “single” by the world’s standards, but are still raising kids alone because your spouse is in the military, away at work or just checked out, this is for you too. You are awesome.  Don’t give up.


Photo via Visual Hunt