The Big Reveal

I was watching a tv show the other night and it’s that place in the season where the characters start to understand who the bad guy really is.  It was “the big reveal” in the plot of the story.  Of course, those of us watching it all season were privy to more information and could see the truth that the other characters couldn’t see.  Even though it was right in front of them all the time.

I’m that way sometimes with stuff in my life.  It’s right in front of me but I really can’t see it.  Opportunities and blessings are missed sometimes.  But one of the most unfortunate places this can be true in life is when it comes to sin.  Ever have a bad attitude or anger or bitterness brewing in you and you don’t even realize it?  It’s right there, but you don’t see it.  Interesting, however, is the little verse in the Bible that says, “your sin will find you out.” (Numbers 32:23)

I was reading in Leviticus this week and have to admit that there are portions of Leviticus where my eyes sort of glaze over and I have to really focus in order to stay engaged with what I’m reading.  But on this day something struck me.  In chapter 4 there is a large section dealing with the procedures for offering a “sin offering”.  On several occasions I saw that if someone sinned without realizing it they were still guilty and when their sin was revealed it had to be dealt with.

We all sin.  And sometimes we do it without even realizing it.  But the part that struck me was how God said that “when they become aware of their sin” then it must be dealt with.  And He didn’t say “if they become aware”.  He said “when”.  The point here is that God never intends for us to live in sin.  He will always reveal it to us.

David prayed to God:  “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Ps. 139:23-24)  God will reveal our sin and will use whatever methods are necessary.  He uses people to confront us.  He uses circumstances to make things difficult for us to continue in sin.  He may use a hardship.  But I think David’s way is best.  To ask God to show it to us.  To yield our hearts to Him and ask Him to reveal truth to us.

Sometimes the big reveal isn’t pretty.  Lord knows I haven’t liked what I’ve seen sometimes.  And I especially hate it when my sin is something I don’t realize until it is too late to save my pride or testimony (words spoken, anger shared, bitterness revealed).

The solution is God’s word which is like a mirror and the Holy Spirit who speaks through that word.  As we read it He reveals truth.  And we see ourselves as we are.  Sin stands between us and God.  There’s no way around it or through it.  It has to be forgiven by God in order for us to be at peace with God.

Oh Lord, let us make a habit of praying like David.  God search us and reveal any offense.  Pride or anger or lust.  Lord, show us truth and then give us strength to obey.

How much better it be revealed in private in the quiet of our bedroom on our knees or in my easy chair with my Bible open than on the stage of life.  But make no mistake….it will be revealed because God doesn’t play.  When He said it will find you out, that’s exactly what He meant.