Hard Medicine

Last week one of my kiddos came in from school with a bad headache and a low-grade fever.  Apparently she had felt bad most of the day but didn’t want to have them call me to come get her.  I asked if she felt bad enough to take something for the headache and she said she did.  I set a dose of ibuprofen on the counter.  She looked at it, walked away, thought about it, came back, looked at it, complained about how it was going to taste, walked away, came back, whinned a little more, walked away, and this went on for quite some time because she didn’t want to take the medicine.  She couldn’t decide what was worse, the potential bad taste of the medicine or the pounding headache.  I can’t say I blame her.  I was the same way as a kid.  My mom took some tips from Mary Poppins about a spoonful of sugar.  I was always afraid of the medicine.

I finally said to my girl, “I know it’s yucky, but a little yuck right now will help you in the long run and you’ll be much better after you take the medicine.  Even if it’s hard to take.  Don’t be afraid of the medicine.”

I’ve been processing a similar thought in regards to life.  Recently I was talking to someone going through a tough time.  In the middle of tough situations it’s hard to understand what is really happening.  It doesn’t make sense what she’s going through.  She’s a good person.  And by our human calculations good people should receive good.  But, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

When I look at my own life, I have to admit that Autism has brought many struggles.  I remember well asking God what He was up to?  Why us?  How did this happen?  What had we done to deserve this?  10 years later, and a little more perspective, I see some things I didn’t see back then.  Some very important things.

I see how caring for this child has changed me…for the better.  I’ve learned to trust God more.  How to pray more.   I’ve realized more of what is really important in life.  How to celebrate every victory and be grateful for every baby step.  To be more grateful for the “normal” things of life and not to take so much for granted.  To stop being such a total control freak and just rest in the fact that God has this.  He has it.  He has US completely in His care.

This might be a hard thought for some of you to get your mind around, but is it possible…………is it possible that she has been the medicine that I needed?  I’m in process of being cured of some of my selfishness and self-centeredness.  I’m being cured of judgmental attitudes and a lack of grace.  I have had major heart surgery that has expanded my ability to love, accept others and have compassion for those who carry burdens.

Would God do something like this?  Would he bring a struggle or hardship to us in order to be the medicine we need to make us well?  Make us better?  Make us more complete?  Make us more like Jesus Christ?  I believe He would…because He loves us just that much.

It has been a challenging decade.  We never stop looking for answers and ways to help her have the best life she can.  She has had some rough spots, but the majority of time she is a happy and healthy girl.  She is bound for heaven and has a wonderful ability to live in the moment.  We should all be so lucky.  I’m not sure if she needed our family or not, but God knows we needed her, and all the challenges that came with her.  The Great Physician prescribed just the right medicine (in large doses!) for the Post family.  I’m learning not to be afraid of the medicine.

Sometimes the pill is bitter.  The medicine is hard.  But the end result is worth it.  What hard medicine are you facing right now?  I’ll say to you what I said to my daughter, “I know it’s yucky, but a little yuck right now will help you in the long run and you’ll be much better after you take the medicine.  Even if it’s hard to take.  Don’t be afraid of the medicine.”

Friends, sometimes surrender is the path to victory.  I pray often that I can accept anything sent to me by the hand of God and that He would protect me from anything that He didn’t send my way.  I believe with all my heart that God is a good and perfect Father who wants what is best for His children.  My daughter did take the medicine that day.  She knew me.  And she knew I loved her.  And she knew I gave it to her for her good.  Why would I let her stay sick and unhealthy if it’s in my power to help her?

Why would God leave us to ourselves, our selfish hearts and our sinful nature when it’s in His power to help us?

2 Corinthians 4:17 – “For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!