The Doctor Appointment: Post-it Note #132

In a perfect world we would never have to take our kids to the doctor.  But I would settle for a logical and peaceful world.  A world in which a 4-year-old responds with an “ok mom” when they are told they need to go to the doctor if they want their yucky throat to feel better.

But I don’t know anything about either one of those worlds.  In my world, a 4-year-old visiting the doctor involves bribes, promises and threats.  It involves screaming and gnashing of teeth, and the 4-year-old yells and cries too.  In my world, little fingers have to be pried from door knobs and car handles.  Forget the socks and shoes…shoeing a horse would be easier.  In my world, 4-year-olds have to be picked up and carried like a sack of potatoes to the doctor.  A sack of potatoes capable of kicking and throwing things.

That  4-year-old of mine is terrified of the doctor.  No matter how sick she is, she thinks the doctor is the worst.  The fear of the doctor’s procedures is more powerful in her mind than feeling better.  I know adults like that too.  They live in continual pain but keep putting off the necessary treatment or surgery to find relief.  They just won’t go to the doctor.  The dread or fear of the unknown, the procedure, the surgery or recovery is too powerful.  It holds them back from the healing they need.

The same thing is often seen when it comes to healing of our hearts and souls.  We simply don’t want to go to The Great Physician.  We keep trying to treat ourselves any number of ways (addictions, distractions, etc.)  And like my 4-year-old we fight what we really need.  We are simply too afraid of the unknown, or the path to healing.

But ask anyone who has lived in pain for a long time and has finally found the relief they need.  Most say, “I wish I had done this sooner.”  Some of us need to decide today that enough is enough.  We need to be free of the pain in our hearts and souls that has us stuck, unable to live life as we should.  The recovery may be long, but it’s time for the healing to begin.  The Great Physician is ready to help.  Your appointment is now.  Don’t put it off any longer.