Is it REALLY Worth the Risk? Post-it Note #123

I’m driving through town the other day at a decent clip and this gigantic truck that looks like it could pull a small house behind it pulls out in front of me.  I’m literally just a couple of car lengths away.  There’s nobody behind me, so he must have some place really, really, really important to go if he needs to pull out in front of the only car on the road and nearly cause the driver of a mini van (usually full of kids) to fear for her life.  Probably on his way to the ER or a fire or something important like that.

Wait.  Where is he going?  Did he really just pull out in front of me, drive 100 feet and turn into the Sonic?  Really?  Not possible that there is someone who is that foolish on the planet.  So I thought, until about 15 minutes later when a man walks across a four lane highway pushing a trash can right in front of me.  Again, there is nobody behind me.  He could have waited 30 seconds.  But instead, I left black marks on the highway, standing on my brakes trying not to hit the guy and trying to keep my mini van (usually full of kids) under control.

Sometimes people take really stupid risks.  And for what?  To get some place 10 seconds earlier.  To not get stuck at a red light.  Just to see if they can get away with it.  Because they are impatient or not thinking or selfish or just really foolish.

I’m a mom, I’m a big fan of safety.  I don’t like my kids doing crazy things or taking unnecessary risks.  I can’t watch them turn flips on the trampoline or climb trees without my heart beating faster.  It’s easy to look at the risks people take and recognize how foolish something is, but what risks are you taking that just don’t make sense?

How about the way you eat?  Is your health and quality of life worth that risk?  Or the person you’re talking to at the office?  Maybe it’s innocent….now….but is your marriage worth that risk?  Do you really need to purchase that item on your credit card and risk not being able to make the payment later?  Is there somethings you need to take care of but keep putting it off thinking it will go away?  Will it really….or are you risking it getting worse?

Then there are the risks we take with faith.  Do we really want to risk listening to the lies that Satan tells us?  Why do we take the risk of following his counterfeit plan instead of selling all out for God’s glorious, although different plan?  Why do we risk a fruitful, joy filled life spent seeking God for a barren, empty one following our own foolish or selfish way?  Why do we risk the approval of God because we are more concerned with the opinions of man?

Some risks just aren’t worth it.  The consequences can be more than we bargained for.  May we choice wisely today…..and always.