Who Gets The Glory?: Post-it Note #121

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way we think it should?  I have.  Often.  And I was just thinking that I’m quick to blame it on the Devil and say he’s after me, trying to distract me, trying to get me off course or discouraged.

But as I read through the scriptures I find that sometimes difficulties come our way because we are being tested and the Author of that situation is actually God.  Not everyone will agree with me here, but God isn’t concerned with our happiness as much as He’s concerned with our purity, and the only way for impurities to be burned off of our life is to go through some fire.

So, in truth, I don’t always know when things come my way who is behind them.  It is usually revealed in time, but not always at first.  Of course we pray for God’s protection from the Evil One.  But I’m starting to think that where the trial comes from is not nearly as important as our response to the trial.

When we respond with trust and faith in God and dependence on Him, regardless of whether Satan is attacking us or God is testing us, then the outcome is God gets the glory.  At the end of the day, “why?” isn’t the issue.  The issue is that God can redeem anything.  The issue is that our response brings God glory or brings Satan glory.  Someone will get the glory.  And we decide who. Period.

So whatever bad day you are having, for whatever reason, you can stop right now and respond with trust and faith in God and dependence on Him and the glory will go to Him and Him alone.  And after all, He’s the only one worthy.