A Show Worth Seeing: Post-it Note #116

There are situations that come our way sometimes that are just too big for us.  No matter our constitution or what we are made of, life can just be huge sometimes leaving us feeling really, really small and unable to do anything about our situations.

I’ve had a situation like that recently.  A regular David and Goliath story.  One day in the middle of this, my #4 kid, sweet Haven, asked me if I would read the Bible to her.  So we sat on the porch swing and she told me which stories she wanted to hear.  Her favorites are where God parts the water (The Israelites at the Red Sea) and the one where the men get thrown into the fire (Nebuchadnezzar and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego).

Earlier that day I was reading in the book of Chronicles (the history of Israel’s kings) and I found that all of these stories I read that day had a striking similarity.  In the story of Chronicles the Israelites and King Jehoshaphat are surrounded by their enemies but they decide to praise God and by the time they get to the battle field the enemies are already dead!  At the Red Sea, the Israelites are about to be overtaken by the Egyptians but God makes a way of escape and he wipes out their enemy.  With the 3 men thrown into the fire, they appear to be completely defeated only they are not!  The Lord protects them from the fire and they are unharmed.

In each of these cases there is a common thread.  Those in trouble don’t do anything!  They stand still and watch the Lord work.  He’s the one who does the work.  Who fixes things.  He’s the one that makes things right.  And after He displays His power the world sees who God really is.  He alone gets the glory.

Friends, life is bigger than us sometimes.  Problems can be huge.  Often we are David facing a Goliath, but even in that story, the same thread runs through.  God shows up.  God shows out.  God gets the glory.  Whatever you are facing today, let God do the fighting.  Be still and watch God work.  And that’s a show worth seeing.

Read these stories for yourself and be encouraged that God can and will fight for you.