The Last First: Post-it Note #111

No matter how old a child gets they are still your baby when you are known as Mom.  I have 5 babies.  I’ve changed lots and lots of diapers.  Lost a lot of sleep.  Cleaned up messes and washed mountains of clothes.  You get used to the season you’re in.  It’s what you do.  But this fall the baby of the babies started k4.  Last week she had her first field trip to a local pumpkin patch.

As I put her on the bus and walked back to the car, I realized that although I had seen the kids on many field trips in the past, that this would be my very last “first” field trip.  So I quickly went back and snapped her picture on the bus.  I may have been in the season of raising small kids for a long while, but realized that I was at the end of this season.  I’m in for a series of last “firsts”.

So as I finish this season I’m asking that the Lord help me to finish stronger than I started.  To not grow weary and let things slide.  And not to focus so much on what I’m losing that I don’t notice what I’m gaining.  Every season that ends brings about the beauty of a new season.  And just like the seasons of our calendar, we need each season in life to experience the full measure of what God has for us.  Whatever season you are in, enjoy it, and be ready to embrace the future in the next season that God has for you.