The Toilet vs The Fire Pit: Post-it Note #110

I recently got a swing for my back porch and I wanted a f ire pit to go with it..  I love the fall and I love a good fire and what’s better than a swing in front of a fire in the fall?  I’m one season ahead, but cue the music………..”These are a few of my favorite things!”

This past week I had some flooring replaced in my bathroom and wouldn’t you know it, the toilet ended up sitting on the back porch.  I guess it had to happen sooner or later….every southern girl has a little redneck in her and ends up with a toilet on the porch at some point in her life.  I’m just glad that a couch and refrigerator didn’t make it’s way out to the porch either.

My husband and I were looking at the swing and I said, “all it needs is a fire pit” to which he replied, “just use the toilet as the fire pit”.  We laughed and I posted the above picture on facebook and got all sorts of jokes and comments about it.  But the truth of the matter is sometimes you really want something and get something all together different.

I was recently telling someone that my life doesn’t look at all like I thought it would or like I set out for it too.  But it’s my life and it’s what I needed and I’m glad for it.  Maybe you thought something in your world would look different than it does.  But here you are.

Sometimes instead of a gift we want, we get a functional tool that we need.  I needed a new toilet and floor more than I needed a fire pit.  Take a look around your world.  Maybe there’s something you want, but God gave you something you needed more.  Don’t miss the gift you’ve been given because you’re focused on the thing you don’t have.