Trapping the Mouse: Post-it Note #94

A mouse is at the top of the list of things I hate. My older kids are the same way. We recently saw a mouse in the house and we all tripped over each other trying to get away. It was every Post for themselves. The trouble with a mouse is they can turn into mice and there’s a world of difference between mouse and mice. So we went on the offensive.

Traps were set and we were persistent. We thought the mouse would actually die of high cholesterol from a steady diet of peanut butter and cheese, but we finally got him.

What if we were so persistent when we saw sin in our hearts, sticking it’s head out of the dark places? What if we went on the offensive? What if we rooted out the one sin before it multiplied into many?

Sin can appear to be so unassuming. So harmless. My little girls think the mouse is cute and want to pet it. But I’m thinking……yeah, until it bites you and you get some awful disease. If sin is like a mouse then we need to treat sin the way my older kids do…………RUN! And not like my little girls who want to pick it up and make a home for it.

How are you treating the sin in your life?