Squash Problems: Post-it Note #88

The Post family has been growing a garden this year. It’s our first attempt. We have learned a lot. One thing we’ve learned about is squash. And I’ve figured out that squash is a lot like some of the problems we face.

1. If you aren’t a big fan of squash then you don’t need more than one squash plant.

They take over. You plant this little plant and think, “how cute”. A month later you’re wondering if all you know is going to be taken over by a man-eating squash plant.

Ever notice how when you have a problem, it can effect your mood, your attitude, your peace. It’s like it spreads out and starts taking over.

God’s Answer:

Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer changes our attitude and mood and gives new perspective to our problems.

2. When you pick squash you need to pick them early.

If you let squash go too long they get bumpy and tough and don’t taste good.

If you let a problem go on and on, especially a problem with a friend, without dealing with it, it grows tougher and bumpier as it goes along, making it harder to deal with.

God’s Answer:

Matthew 25-45

Just deal with it…in love!

3. Squash is prickly.

When I was a little girl I noticed my grandmother wearing a long sleeve shirt when she went to work in the garden. In GA in July even a 7 year old knew there was something wrong with that picture. The full weight of her genius fell on me as I picked my first squash this summer.

Some problems are just prickly. Even when you handle them right, you can still walk away feeling a little scraped up. In order to avoid being torn up by some issues, you need some protection.

God’s Answer:

Ephesians 6:13-17

The best protection is the Word of God. It beats Satan’s opposition every time.

4. Squash won’t stop growing!!!

I’m tired of squash. So I pulled the plant out by the roots! Bye Bye squash.

Problems need to be dealt with and not ignored. And some problems just need to be pulled up by the root. Especially when that problem is sin.

God’s Answer:

James 1:21

God’s truth will uproot sin. Ask Him to reveal truth to you through His word and give you the courage to act on it.

What are you dealing with today? God can help you with that problem. Look to Him for the answers you need.

James 1: 5If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.