A Giant in a Bouncy House: Post-it Note #86

My daughter with Autism is a hoot. She loves to laugh. She loves to have fun. The problem is that although she’s only 11, she’s 5’9″ tall. That makes her a giant to most kids her age. And developmentally she plays better with the 3-4 year olds which makes her a super giant.

We were recently at a gathering with a bunch of kids and a bouncy house. I find that situation totally and completely terrifying. Since I’m only 5’6″ you can bet that if she decides to get in a bouncy house she’s getting in a bouncy house and I’m pretty powerless to stop her. But given her size compared to the 4 year olds, one bounce by her and kids are flying. My prayer life is stellar in these moments. “God, just get us out of this without a kid getting hurt and a parent suing me, and I’ll do anything you want. I promise!”

The problem is that Cadence just doesn’t fit in a bouncy house with little kids any more. It’s sad. It’s painful. I hate it. But it is what it is. And sometimes the kindest thing I can do, for everyone’s sake, is take her home. It kills me. But she has to live a life surrounded by others and for HER dignity I can’t allow her to hurt other people for the sake of fun.

Life is like that too. Sometimes the things that used to work….well they just don’t work any more. Sometimes things just don’t fit like they used too. Sometimes we have to let go of some things and move on. Sometimes it’s the kindest things to do, for everyone’s sake. Not easy. But it is what it is. And sometimes for the sake of dignity we need to walk away from some things.

Maybe God is telling you it’s time to let go of something. Let it go. Maybe it’s time. There is a time for everything under the heaven.