39 and Letting Go: Post-it Note #84

39 is the birthday that some of us celebrate more than once.  39 and holding.  40 is a little scary.  But the truly courageous are those ready to move on and see what’s on the other side.  In the worlds of Elsa from the movie Frozen (I know this song inside and out thanks to the Post girls), “Let it go……..the past is in the past”.

I’m looking at 44 later this year, but one of my best friends turns 40 this week.  After the confetti is swept up, the sugar rush wears off and the celebrating is over, she’ll be a full-fledged, bona-fide member of the “Past 39 Club”.  So now that she’s one of us I think it’s time to share the “Past 39” play book with her so she can see what she has to look forward to.

Rule #1:  You will find that your body isn’t as strong as it used to be, but your heart grows stronger day by day, because it takes years to truly learn how to love and be loved.  This is just the beginning!

Rule #2:  Just because you’re not 20 anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer.  Life experience is one of the greatest teachers.  Combined with the truth of God’s word, it brings wisdom that can impact everyone in your world, especially the next generation.

Rule #3:  Your hair color may not be your own, but you don’t have anything to hide.  It’s easier to be real, be comfortable in your own skin, stop worrying about the opinions of others and just be the person God made you to be.  You have an audience of One.  And that is a relief.

Rule #4:  Life is no longer a sprint, but a marathon.  You may not be as fast as you used to be, but endurance is yours.  You’re in this race for the long haul with peace and joy as your running partners.  You may not turn heads with your speed, but you’ll turn hearts with your steadiness.  A pace setter for your children and family.

Rule #5:  Your joints won’t bend as easily as they used to, but you’ll find yourself more flexible as you grow older, learning to bend with the storms of life.  You can weather anything that comes your way as you are rooted in Jesus.

Rule #6:  Even though is seems like your arms are growing shorter when you try to read…meaning your eye sight is going right out the window, your insight to the things that matter grows day by day.  Your spiritual eyes will gain strength and you will see more and more of the good things God has for those who love Him.

Rule #7:  You are NEVER, ever over the hill.  Life is ALWAYS an uphill climb.  But Jesus walks with us cheering us on and shoulders the burden.  At the top of the hill, when the climb is done, he will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

So I say party on girlfriend!  Embrace this new chapter of your life.  Celebrate it!  And we will celebrate the gift of you.