A Pain in my Side: Post-it Note #80

When I was in high school I got a headache so bad that I missed school for a week.  The doctors gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers to deal with the pain.  It dealt with it, but I slept pretty much around the clock.  Then my mom took me to the chiropractor and he aligned everything in my back and neck.  I was back to school the next day.

I’ve been a believer ever since.  Fast forward almost 30 years and the aches and pains have piled up a little more than my teenage years.  I find a recurring issue with my hip/side keeps plaguing me.  When it begins to hurt a lot I start taking ibuprofen to deal with the pain, until eventually I say, ENOUGH and go see the chiropractor so he can align things and get me moving without pain again.  Why does it take me so long to go get help?  Why do I turn to temporary solutions like ibuprofen?  Because it cost me.  It cost me time and it cost me money.

What in your world is mis-aligned?  It keeps causing pain and discomfort.  Is there something that you keep trying to fix but are only using temporary solutions?  Maybe it’s time to get some things aligned the way God intended.  Go to Him and see what He desires to remedy your pain.  It may cost you?  It may cost you in relationships or in giving up sinful habits.  It may cost you time or require a sacrifice.  It may take you out of your comfort zone.

If you want real relief, then go to the source and let God do the work to get things aligned so you can be healed of the hurts in life.  May you find all you need from Him today.