How Big is God? Post-it Note #74

My 4 year old is fascinated with knowing how big God is?

“How big is God, Mommy?  Is He bigger than a car?”

“Yes, Bria, He’s bigger than a car.

“Is He bigger than a house?”

“Yes, Baby, He’s bigger than a house.”

“Is He bigger than EVERYTHING?”

“You know we live on earth and the earth is a big place, right?  But God can hold the whole earth in His hand, just like you hold your bouncy ball in your hand.”

Her eyes get as big as saucers and she practically yells as she asks, “WITH ONLY ONE HAND?!”


How long since you were impressed with how big God is?

Many people in the Bible knew how big their God was.  And they were quick to pray to “The God of Heaven”.  Nehemiah, David, Daniel.  All acknowledged the vastness of God.  That He is God of Heaven.  Of course He is God of earth as well, but I find it comforting to know that He is also God of Heaven.

This means He is not bound by earthly means, earthly limitations, earthly strength or earthly wisdom.  He possesses power and strength and wisdom that exceeds what our minds can even imagine.  And since His love for us is just as vast, He not only CAN, but also desires to accomplish on our behalf, what we cannot do on our own.

How big is God?  Big enough to provide anything you need for your good and His glory.  Pray to the God of Heaven and see how big He really is.