Getting God’s Attention: Post-it Note #73

Though out scripture we see men and women of God facing great difficulty and trial, in need of guidance and wisdom.  David, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Moses.  When these times came to them, what did they do?  What do we do?  Go to FB and spill it all out?  Get a committee together?  Or as my friend Linda says, we want to go to the phone instead of the throne.

In Biblical stories we see the people facing trial do 2 things.  Pray and fast.  We often treat prayer as it is nothing.  We say things like, “I wish there was something I could do…….I guess I’ll just have to pray”.  As if it’s a second-rate solution.  Friends, it IS the solution.  It is where the power lies.  It is the answer.  It is to open communication with the God of the universe who hold all things in His hand.  Who possesses all resources, all strength, all wisdom, all provision, all answers.

To pray AND fast before this God gets His attention.  To fast……to give up something to gain intimacy with God gets His attention.  To fast……to give up something so we are un-distracted by the world in order to hear from God, gets His attention.  To be unselfish gets His attention.  To sacrifice something of value to us so we can pursue God, gets His attention.

If you have a need today.  If there’s an answer you need to hear from God.  If there’s a provision you need or wisdom and guidance you desire, then I challenge you to turn to prayer AND fasting.  Give up 1 meal.  Give up your Diet Coke for a day.  Give up TV or FB for a season.  Simply take the time and energy you would spend serving yourself and give that portion to God in prayer.  He will meet you there and you will find joy.

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