The Beautiful Bride: Post-it Note #72

I was at a wedding yesterday for a young couple starting their new life together.  The bride was beautiful.  Her dress was gorgeous.  The church was stunning.  So many preparations made in anticipation of the wedding when the groom and bride are joined together for life.

I couldn’t help but think of Jesus Christ our groom, coming for His bride the church.  It occurred to me that if we were truly anticipating that day we would make more preparations.  Can you imagine a bride rushing down the aisle with smudges on her dress and her hair unkempt?  Not at all!  A bride has every hair in place and her dress is pristine.

What about us?  Are we spotless in preparation for our groom or is our wedding attire smudged and dirty by our sinful, unthankful hearts or our attachment to the world?  Are we unkempt by our brawling and fighting with other believers in anger.  Are we rushing happily toward our groom in anticipation or are we fettered by the chains that hold us back……….sin, traditions, relationships, bad habits, an unwillingness to give ourselves completely to the Lord.

Lord, help us today to make the preparations necessary to become your beautiful bride.