You’ve Got Mail: Post-it Note #69

My family was having dinner with someone recently and my husband and I were asked about when we met and our courtship. We began to tell the tale of the grand adventure that has led to our current lives. We met at a wedding in NC. I was there from VA and he was there from OH. We were introduced by a mutual friend/family member. Our romance was all long distance and from the time we met until we married we saw each other in person about a dozen times. Crazy right? Well it took. That meeting was 18 ½ years ago and we have five kids. Yeah, I know, definitely crazy! But it’s our crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The in-between times of seeing each other in that courtship was hard. At first we relied solely on letter writing. I know that seems so archaic today. But 20 years ago, that was it! No Skype, No FaceTime, Instant Messenger, Texting or FB. Amazing how much things have changed in technology in such a short period of time.  Not long after we met we jumped on the AOL train. The age when email started to become the norm. We were there. We saw it. We lived it. We loved it!

At the end of a work day I could come home and login to my computer (no SMARTphones people!) wait for the dial-up to connect. And wait. And wait. And hope for those 3 precious words to be heard: “You’ve Got Mail!” J

Just months before, when first meeting hubby, the waiting of DAYS for a response from a letter was AGONIZING. While I waited for a new love letter to show up, I would re-read the old ones. Thankfully email made things so much easier to communicate. Even though we didn’t see each other often we could communicate so much more often. What a blessing……a blessing that led to marriage.

But I remember the in-between times well. Silence may be golden in some situations, but in relationships it can be a deal breaker. In the silence, insecurities can begin to grow. Why haven’t I heard anything? What is he thinking? Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way that I do? So there was nothing l loved more than hearing, “You’ve Got Mail!”

Maybe you’ve experienced silence in a relationship.  Maybe a friend has fallen off the grid and you’re wondering where you stand?  What about your relationship with God? Have you forced a silence by not reading the love letters He’s sent you? If so, then don’t be surprised to have insecurity knocking on your door. Does God really care? Does He hear my prayers? What is He up too? Where do I stand?  Doubt looms and fear begins to take root when we aren’t reminded often of the true feelings of the Lover of our Soul toward us, His beloved.

Friends, you’ve got mail. You’ve got lots of it. Love letters are waiting for you to read. There’s no waiting or delay. Spend some time in God’s word today reading the truth of His feelings for you, washing away insecurity, fear and doubt. Maybe there’s some new ones you’ve never read before or some old ones you need to re-read.  You can know exactly where you stand.

His word is sweet. His word is truth. Fall in love all over again.