The Cheerleaders: Post-it Note #66

My oldest daughter went to a cheerleading competition today.  It wasn’t your typical competition, but the contestants didn’t know that.  It was the SC Special Olympics Cheerleading Competition.  My oldest daughter is autistic.  She doesn’t really talk so she’s not a “model” cheerleader.  But she can seriously wave a pom pom!

As I watched these kids give it their all, my heart was full.  Every effort they made was met by yells and cheers and applause from their classmates and parents and the volunteers.  The cheerleaders were adored.  They had a full assembly of fans. They were valued.  And they knew it.  What an awesome picture of what the body of Christ should look like.

How great would it be if our efforts for the team were met with acceptance and being valued instead of criticism or scorn because it wasn’t perfect?  How great would it be if we knew that in the assembly gathered that everyone was rooting for us?

Thank you Special Olympics of SC and all those who gave up their Saturday to let a non-verbal kid with autism come home with a medal in cheerleading.  Thank you for teaching us a valuable lesson.  May we take that lesson with us to church on Sunday and into our world every day of the week.