The Hand You Hold…Post-it Note #60

Do you have a little person in your world whose hand you get to hold?  A child or grandchild?  A niece, neighbor or nephew that looks to you for safety, strength and acceptance?  It’s a great privilege isn’t it?  When that small little hand reaches out to you it makes something right in the world.

But those little hands turn into big hands and before we know it our littles are no longer little and sometimes end up taller than us.  Sometimes stronger.  Sometimes braver.  Out on their own.  Just as it should be.  But sometimes those hands grow bigger and the bodies grow taller but the child will never be out on their own.

I was honored to attend The Special Olympics this weekend.  My oldest daughter participated.  She’s 11, Autistic and except for a miraculous healing, will never be independent.  She’s already 2 inches taller than me and growing every second.  We realized several years ago that things with her were not going to go as “they should be” and our “normal” wouldn’t look like other people’s normal.

But for a moment during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics all was right in the world.  If you could have seen the smiling faces of all the athletes.  They were so proud.  They were excited and they were being celebrated.  They marched around the track as the speakers sang out “we are the champions”.  I bawled like a baby.  I do every time.  Because they ARE the champions, and in that moment everyone recognized it.  We all cheered.  We shouted and waved.  I kept on crying.

When Cadence ran the 25 meter race they let me run with her.  And while she waited to do the standing long jump I held her hand.  Just like with all the littles.  But here’s the thing.  I will always be holding her hand.  Until the Lord takes me home, I will hold desperately to her hand as she looks to me for strength, safety and acceptance.IMG_4342

And you know what?  It is a privilege and an honor.  Even though she won’t leave the nest like the rest of the kids will, as it “should be”…..for us, for our journey here on earth, this is exactly as it should be.  God has been gracious to us.  We are more than blessed.

I think of her journey through life and the role I play and I wonder if it’s not a picture of our journey with God?  Even when we are limited and challenged, He and all the angels of glory cheer us on.  We are celebrated.  We are champions.

And when we need safety, strength and acceptance all we have to do is reach out to our Heavenly Father’s hand.  He will always be there to hold it.  No matter what.  Until the very end.

His Grace and Faithfulness toward us is unending.  Praise His Wonderful Name!