My Lost Day…Post-it Note #57

Sometimes you have a grand idea of all you plan to accomplish in the course of a day or a weekend and then along comes someone or something that turns things completely around.  I just had a weekend like this.  I had a To Do list a mile long, but my husband had this idea.  His ideas usually require a lot of work for me, but I played along because it sounded fun.  And I’m so glad I did because the result was a blast.  You can see it below.  These kids gave a stellar performance in “A Pirate Tale”, the story of our churches new play ground equipment.  This little clip of about 4 1/2 minutes literally took about 12 hours to pull off, but what a fun time it was and how proud I am of this motley little crew.  Sometimes losing your own agenda and being open to what’s happening around you or having a “lost day” is just where you find God’s grace and many blessings.  Enjoy!