The Diet…Post-it Note #48

My family – all 7 of us are on a 10-day detox.  From sugar, artificial colors/ingredients, caffeine, dairy, gluten, etc.  There’s nothing in our house except fresh whole foods.  Nothing refined or processed.  My kids think I’m trying to kill them.  Here’s the thing though – we were ready for a change….for all sorts of reasons.  Skin issues, health, weight, brain function.  The reasons to do this are almost as many as the stars in the sky but THE reason not to do it….WE. LOVE. FOOD and especially sugary carb-loaded food was always standing in the way.

Sometimes you just know what’s right and you know you should do it but you just don’t know how or sometimes you just don’t want to.  Plain and simple, it’s hard to make a change.  Here’s what I know about this eating plan we are on.  There’s not enough will-power in the world to do this on my own.  And so we’ve put a plan into action that will help us succeed.

1. We threw away anything in the house that did not comply.  Gone.

2. We filled the pantry and the fridge with lots of good-for-you food adding lots of variety to our diet.

3. We decided (or at least Hubby and I did) to do this together as a family.  All on the same page (even though we dragged the kids there kicking and screaming).

4. We focus on all the things we can have and make it fun (frozen banana on a stick or fruit smoothie anyone?) instead of focusing on all the things we can’t have.

5. We trust God to help us in our weak moments.

Hmmm……I think there’s a spiritual lesson here.  What change are you trying to make in your life?  What habit are you trying to break or sin are you trying to put to death?  I think this strategy applies to all those things.

1.  Get rid of anything/one that tempts you.  “Friends” who bring you down aren’t really friends.  Maybe it’s time to say good-bye.  Or stay away from some of those places you frequent or books you read or websites you visit.

2.  Fill your life with good things and people.  Feed your soul a steady diet of scripture and service for the Kingdom so that when you want that old thing or life you have something to take its place.

3.  Don’t tackle it alone.  Find someone who will support you in your desire to change.

4.  Focus on all the things the change will bring that is good.  All the things you can do and don’t focus on the things that you are “giving up”.

5.  Trust God to help you in your weakness.

There’s simply not enough will power to bring about lasting change for most of us.  We need some supernatural help to live a supernatural life that makes a difference.  That power is the Holy Spirit.  Let Him help you succeed in the changes you need to make in life.

Cheering you on!