A Little Place I Know…Post-it Note #44

Sometimes we only know the significance of a moment as we look at it in hindsight.  After it’s a memory.  But there are times when you are in a moment and you KNOW that you are a part of something amazing.  God is present in the here and now and He has showered enough grace on you to let you see His Kingdom work happening before your very eyes.  Even lets you be a part of it.  And when that happens you are awe-struck, humbled, speechless.

I have seen this happen firsthand at a little place I know called Camp Here and Now.  We live in a small community that was once a thriving village supported by the textile mills.  As the mills closed down the community has suffered and need on so many levels has cropped up.  That need is very obvious among the children.  Some are without some basic needs.  Some are in terrible situations at home.  Many act as orphans because their parents are around, but not parenting.  The children have become the victims.  Victims of neglect, their parents pursuit of drugs, the material, the world.  This grieves the heart of God. (Matthew 18:6 – “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.”)  This community is dark with the constant threat of becoming godless.

And then a young college student, barely 20-something, named Rebekah, drew a line in the sand.  Her mother teaches in the public school system and has for most of Rebekah’s life, exposing her to the hard realities of our little community and these children’s deep need to be loved on.  And so, rather than curse the darkness, she became the LIGHT in an effort to stop the moral decline and impact these kids for the kingdom.  God gave her a vision and that vision was realized with the birth of Camp Here and Now.

This little camp started in the summer of 2012.  She offered it FREE to any kids ages 5-12 and it ran ALL SUMMER long.  5 days a week.  She recruited volunteers, fed the kids snacks & lunch, taught them the gospel, shared the truth, made crafts, played games and loved, loved, loved on these little ones who desperately need it.  My sweet friend, Donnis also works in the public school system and has seen the great need.  She calls the kids “Angel Babies”.  Well, as God broke Rebekah’s heart with the need, a vision was cast, the call was put forth and the volunteers came and helped.  People showed up and fed the angel babies.  The community, the county, saw something amazing happen.

Camp Here and Now opened again in 2013 and the kids came in droves.  Busting out of the seams, threatening to overwhelm Rebekah, Camp Here and Now was wide open.  Now I have to tell you, as a 40-something with 5 kids, there is no way I could pull off something like Rebekah was doing when I was her age………..except if God were in it.  And He was.  And He is.  He is empowering the next generation to reach the lost.  He is equipping the church to be busy about kingdom work and He is bringing in a Harvest for His glory.

I love to see God at work.  I’m amazed to see Him “up to something” before my very eyes.  I’m honored to be a small part of this great work.  I’m thankful for the bravery of Kingdom Workers like Rebekah who know this simple truth…………following God, even into the unknown, is the best way to live life, and storing up treasures in Heaven means giving ourselves away today.

Pray for Camp Here and Now.  Pray for the children, for the volunteers, for the vision.  Pray for Rebekah.  To learn more about Camp Here and Now, go and like the camp Facebook page.

And e-mail me or message us if you have questions about how you can help Camp Here and Now.  Volunteers are always needed, food, game and craft supplies are always needed.  Maybe your youth group would like to take a missions trip for a week this summer and serve at Camp Here and Now.  Perhaps you have a puppet ministry or music ministry that could serve.  Ask God if there’s anything that YOU need to do to be a part of this Kingdom work.

Be sure to watch the video below.  It will bless your socks off.  The next generation IS rising up to reach the next generation and they are an example to us (I Timothy 4:12 – “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”)

To God be the glory.  Great things He has done………….and CONTINUES to do.